University professors report increase in cheating

Reports of cheating and plagiarism increase at University of Minnesota, according to new report

It goes without saying that some students will do anything short of pulling a Dexter and shrink-wrapping their professors to a gurney in order to get ahead. But, according to a new report by professors at the University of Minnesota, instances of both cheating and plagiarism rose more than 44 percent during the 2008-09 academic year.

Minnesota Daily reports that the data, which came from the University of Minnesota’s Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, shows that the U of M’s Institute of Technology saw the highest number of reported incidents, at 58. Incredibly, the number of incidents the previous year was a comparatively scant 13.

The rates of increased incidents is due to the IT’s school insistence on pursuing such cases more vigorously--which marks a change from faculty trying to address scholastic dishonesty themselves, rather than reporting them to the school at large.

According to the report, 168 violations were reported, and of those 163, 148 were committed by undergraduate candidate. (Nice jobs, Froshies)