Obama campaign promises to college students yet to be realized

New post from offshoot of St. Petersburg Times shows that most promises President Obama made to students are "in the work

Most students who voted for Obama in the 2008 election (as well as those who didn’t) no doubt remember where they were when Obama was inaugurated this past January. As the New Year approaches, those same students are probably reflecting on the many promises that Obama has made to the nation whether or not they’ve come to pass.

As students no doubt remember, Obama made quite a few promises for the college crowd. Namely, simplifying the financial aid application process, creating an American Opportunity Tax Credit to offset the costs of college, and expand the Pell grant for low-income students. So how many of the promises have become realities? Truthfully, not that many.

However, according to St. Petersburg Times fact-checking blog Polifact, he at least hasn’t broken any promises to college students either. Most of his projects directly affecting college students are “in the works,” no doubt because the president is a busy, busy man.

What does such the “In The Works” classification signify?

“In The Works” is a ranking on Polifact’s “Obamameter”, the purpose of which is to keep track of all the promises that Candidate Obama made and contrast them with the actions of President Obama. “Obamameter” then lists the inconsistencies. Which, despite the hemming and hawing over the compromised healthcare bill recently voted on by the Senate, have been surprisingly few.

According to the “Obamameter,” President Obama has, in the almost-year he’s been in office, kept 75 of his campaign promises, compromised on 18 and has broken 9. Of the total 500 campaign promises, 202 are “in the works,” while 170 have yet to be ranked. The ranks are as of this writing, and subject to change.

For the curious student who’s aiming to see how Obama has measured up on education, and, more specifically, to college students, Polifact has helpfully organized the promises into categories. For education, go here.

No doubt that there’s a lot of food for thought there, but College News thought it would be prudent to list which promises Obama has kept to college students, which ones he has broken, and which ones are in the works (or has compromised on) and which ones have yet to be rated